Record Cards from 37377 whilst based Motherwell TMD (ML) and Tinsley TMD (TI).
These records date from July 1990 - Last Classified Overhaul ???.
37377 (D6900, 37200) Was Withdrawn From Service By EWS in December 2001 from the WKBN - EWS Toton Class 37/0 & 37/3 Systemwide Pool.
37377 was identified as a possible candidate for use in France during 2003 but this did not come to fruition, despite prep work taking place at Bristol Bardon Hill TMD. 37377 was  finally offered for sale and secured by CF Booth - Rotherham  being cut up at Booths Scrapyard in September 2009..

More information can be found here Wikipedia - BR Class 37  -  Class 37 Locomotive Group - Preserved-Diesels Website