Record Cards from 47375 whilst based at Tinsley TMD (TI).
These records date from September 1989 - Last Classified Overhaul was 25th September 1989.
47375 (D1894) Was Withdrawn from Service in March 1999 by EWS from the WHBF - EWS Class 47 Systemwide pool whilst allocated to Bescot TMD (BS).
Following a period in store 47375 was purchased by Fragonset Railways during 2002 and moved to Derby (DF) where it was returned to use in 2004.
Following the collapse of the Fragonset business 47375 was acquired by Cotswold Rail/Advenza Freight in 2007.
47375 was once again stored by the struggling Cotswold/Advenza before being sold for scrap to CF Booth in March 2009 moving to the Rotherham Scrapyard the same month, eventually purchased by HNRC in June 2009 and removed to Barrow Hill (BH) where the locomotive remains in store.

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