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I have been collecting various pieces of railway literature for a number of years, over the time various discussions have lead to my scanning various documents and posting on internet forums and alike. Following the interest generated by a Fotopic website set up to contain scans of part of my collection I decided to host the collection on a website designed especially for that purpose.

Locomotive Repair Books.
B.R. Document Number 33063 complete with B.R. 1203/16 carbon paper
These books were kept in the cab of diesel and electric locomotives. multiple units and rolling stock for drivers and secondmen to record the details of any defects occurring on board the unit. This information would then be used to make other crews aware of pre-existing defects and at maintenance depots to enable maintenance staff to repair defects and view some defect history. Often these books would contain a certain amount of dry humour.... See the books relating to 31403 & 50045.

Locomotive Record Cards.
These can be found under the repair books section of the menu. These cards would be kept at Regional H.Q. or the H.Q. of the respective sectors were they would be updated as required with brief details of maintenance for all locomotives along with records of trials and experiments carried out on locomotives.

Manufacturers Manuals.
These are produced by the manufacturer of a locomotive outline the operation of their product along with the locations and guidelines for use of equipment fitted as standard to locomotives in an as built condition. 

BR Drivers Manuals.
Latterly known as 33056s and previously 33003s. These documents, covering such topics as fault finding, preparation, multiple working, modifications and train heating systems (ETH / ETS and steam heating boilers) were produced by BR, BRB and the British Transport commission (BTC) and were distributed to drivers familiar with the respective traction type. Drivers were expected to familiarise themselves with these documents and store them safely for reference.

A number of other people and groups have now kindly allowed me access to their collections a number of which are presented here. Should you have a collection you are willing to see posted on this website please contact me.

At this time I am not currently looking to acquire further books, but submissions via email are always welcome.

Initially designed as a stand-alone website D-Number is a locomotive numbering search engine for locomotive re-numberings.
Contains records of all contemporary mainline diesel locomotives and some shunting locomotives. Gives details of numbers carried by locomotive through their lives, including early BR D-numbers and E-Numbers. Also contains details of EWS/Freightliner Tenders.
Currently in development/beta so there may be various bugs and some data is not up to date.

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